Mudgee Mudmap

What is a Mudmap®?

A true mud map is essentially just that – a map drawn in the mud. Early pioneer settlers would often draw a rough map in the mud after a recent rain to give directions to outback travellers or to tell a story around the campfire. Farmers would often draw a mud map to provide directions to the homestead for visitors.

Long outgrown by mapping technology and suburban settlement, the true mud map has faded into legend, yet the term mud map remains firmly in the Australian language, particularly with those who live in rural areas. A mud map these days will be a simple, free-drawn map from local knowledge to assist visitors in finding their way.

The Mudmappers have developed the same concept into an easy to carry, easy to read, light-weight, pocket-sized visitor’s guide that helps visitors find the important things on their holiday but isn’t bogged down with tons of irrelevant information.

Just what visitors to your town are looking for.

What does a Mudmap® tell me?

The Mudgee Mudmap® is your quick-reference visitor’s guide to local points of interest, essential services, where to grab a great meal, the best places to bed down for the night, local entertainment, shopping, all the best wineries – how to get to them and how to contact them. One complete compact package in a slim, pocket-sized easy to read Mudmap®.

How can I get a Mudmap®?

Mudmaps are available in most cafes, tourist outlets, wineries, retails shops, service stations, pubs, clubs, taxis, buses…. The word ubiquitous comes to mind. If you can’t get to one of these outlets, send us your details and we’ll post you one. Free.

How much does a Mudmap® cost?


Can my business distribute Mudmap®?

Of course. There are no rules, no memberships, no reason not to. You contact us, we supply you, no charge – ever. We supply you with everything you need to make providing Mudmaps in Mudgee as easy as possible with no disruption to your business.

Our entire purpose is to provide up-to-date information to visitors in a light-weight, pocket-sized, easy-to-carry map.

How can my business feature in the Mudmap®?

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